Philliber Research & Evaluation

Program evaluation for non profits, foundations, and governmnet entities.
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Measuring Outcomes For
Communities, Programs, & Foundations
Since 1987

About Philliber

We are an independent evaluation company, founded by Bill and Susan Philliber in 1987. Based out of New York, we evaluate local programs, statewide initiatives, and national projects in the United States and abroad. Philliber’s approach is based upon our belief that evaluations are made stronger through the collaborative involvement of key stakeholders. We believe in open communication with clients to help answer questions and build trust between teams.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality evaluations by building lasting relationships with our clients, disseminating data quickly and efficiently, analyzing data using the highest standards, working effectively as teams and producing clear user-friendly reports.


We have the capabilities to:

Assist non-profits by writing the evaluation section on proposals that require external evaluators.
Develop innovative techniques to measure outcomes and inform decision making.
Train boards, administrators, and staff on basics of evaluation.
Develop in-house evaluation capacity through refining data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.
Create user-friendly reports for a variety of audiences.

Philliber Research & Evaluation
16 Main Street
Accord, NY 12404
About us:
We are an independent evaluation company founded in 1987, committed to providing high quality evaluations.
Program Evaluation
Needs Assessments
Building Evaluation Capacity
Randomized Control Trials
Evaluation Training
Data Management
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