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Program evaluation for non profits, foundations, and governmnet entities.
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Senior Associate

Ash Philliber, PhD
Evaluation Coordinator
Contact: 973-900-0739
Fax: 845-626-3206

Ash Philliber started full-time at Philliber Research & Evaluation as a data analyst in October 2009 becoming an Evaluation Coordinator in 2011. She has worked with the company since 1995. Ash has a PhD in Human Services with a specialty in public service leadership and a Master's in Human Services with a specialty in non-profit management.

Ash has worked on a wide variety of programs including those in unplanned and teen pregnancy prevention, journalism, academic achievement, and community engagement.  Her projects often require a variety of services including data cleaning and analysis, data collection, portfolio management, and report writing. Her specialties include randomized control trials, long-term follow up studies, and database creation.

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Accord, NY 12404
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