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Program evaluation for non profits, foundations, and governmnet entities.
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Assistance for Grantmaking Organizations

Helping Foundations Analyze their Funding Patterns

We review proposals and reports from funded projects over a given period of time, helping grant makers analyze their funding patterns. We also help grantmakers create application formats that yield stronger proposals from potential grantees.

We help answer several questions:

  • Is the funding pattern of the foundation true to its mission?
  • In given funding areas, is the foundation investing in programs that use best practices?
  • Are there particular kinds of projects in each funded area that are neglected or overly favored by the foundation?
  • Which of the foundation's funded projects are more and less successful?
  • To maximize its contribution in a given area of funding, what new projects might the foundation consider?

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About us:
We are an independent evaluation company founded in 1987, committed to providing high quality evaluations.
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