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Avenues for Justice Evaluation Report 2015

Philliber Research & Evaluation
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Philliber has been working with the Andrew Glover Youth Program to gather data on the Avenues for Justice clients. Philliber analyzed the clients participation in the program and the resulting outcomes.

The program focuses on youthful offenders and at-risk youth from the Lower East Side and East Harlem. During 2016, Avenues for Justice worked with 628 youth. Two-hundred-thirty-nine offender clients were enrolled in AFJ’s intensive crime prevention and court advocacy program designed to prevent further involvement with the criminal justice system (116 from the Lower East Side area, 123 from the East Harlem area).

Program Outcomes:
• Of the cases that had court outcomes during 2016, most were adjourned and almost half received deferred sentences.

• Among active clients with follow-up data, there were increases in those who were successfully engaged in work or school or both from enrollment to follow-up.

• Only 16% of all AFJ clients were re-arrested in New York State within three years after enrolling in the program, compared to a 76% re-arrest rate among prisoners released in 2004 across 30 states who were under 25 at the time of release. The three-year recidivism rate for successful graduates of AFJ was very low at 10%.

• Only 6% of the AFJ clients have been incarcerated in the three years since intake, compared to 40% of New York prisoners released in 2004 who returned to prison within three years of release, 52% of prisoners ages 18-24 and 57% of minor age prisoners across 15 states who returned to prison within three years of release, and 80% who returned to detention or prison within three years of leaving a New York juvenile facility.

Download the full reoport here or visit their website to read more about the evaluation and the program.

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