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Capacity Building

Helping Foundations and Programs Build Evaluation Capacity

Philliber helps refine goals and identify the best strategies to reach them. We also offer trainings and individual consultations.

Selected Projects

Girls Inc of New York City has worked with Philliber to create logic models for each of the agency's core programs so as to make clear the strategies used by each, as well as the programs' expected shorter- and longer-term outcomes; design an evaluation strategy for each program, including a data collection protocol; and design all needed data collection instruments for the evaluation of each program. Philliber provides detailed analysis of the data they collect annually.

Knight International Journalism Fellowships places Fellows in countries around the world. Administered by the International Center for Journalists, this program seeks tangible changes that improve the quality and free flow of news in the public interest around the world. International media professionals work in countries where there are opportunities to promote reliable, insightful journalism that holds officials accountable. Working with media partners, these Fellows seek to be catalysts in changing media output, strengthening media organizations, changing journalism practice, creating new networks, promoting digital innovation, building new institutions, producing products to assist journalists in their work, and even in provoking governmental responses to societal issues. Philliber trains all of the fellows as they go into the field in use of logic models and evaluation. Philliber has evaluated the work of these Fellows since 2008.

The Border Health Initiative (California Endowment) brought together public health and non-governmental, community-based organizations to address locally defined health concerns. In addition to having a role on the evaluation team, Philliber has also developed and delivered a four-session, evaluation capacity building workshop. The workshops were conducted in San Diego, Tijuana and Mexicali Mexico.

The California School Health Centers Association (CSHC) promotes the health and academic success of children and youth by increasing access to the high quality health care and support services provided by school health centers. Philliber Research & Evaluation assessed the capacity of the partnering school-based health centers to engage youth and the community in making policy changes. In doing so, Philliber assisted CSHC in developing and administering tools to assess the communities' capacity in the areas of: 1) effective communications; 2) developing partnerships; 3) advocacy; and 4) community engagement.

The Council on Accreditation asked Philliber Research & Evaluation to review the knowledge in organizational capacity and develop an instrument organizations could use to assess their capacity.

The McCormick Foundation funded multiple programs each year in journalism leadership, training, first amendment freedoms, and other journalism issues. Philliber created a common evaluation system for these projects and provided assistance for these programs for more than a decade and also built evaluation capacity among their funded agencies.

The New York State Department of Health (The Office of Minority Health) funded four community coalitions to address racial and ethnic health disparities. In an effort to build evaluation capacity within each coalition, Philliber conducted an assets and needs assessment for each, and based on that assessment, conducted training workshops and technical assistance. At the end of the training, each coalition emerged with an evaluation manual including a logic model, data collection plans and timelines, and all the instruments needed to carry out the evaluation.

The O'Neill Foundation in Cleveland funds mulitiple projects each year in capacity building and other areas. Philliber has worked with the Foundation to educate its board about evaluation and about measurement strategies for tracking increased capacity in their projects. In addition, Philliber has worked with developing evaluations for many of the projects the foundation is working with.

The Rapides Foundation’s Nonprofit Works program is designed to increase the capacity of nonprofits in the areas governance, organizational management, and leadership.  Philliber Research and Evaluation is documenting the outcomes that have been achieved.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation/Brighter Futures Initiative Partnership Project is designed to demonstrate the value of simultaneously aligning state, municipal, and local service systems and enhancing the capacities of state government and a major urban center to strategically improve the quality of early childhood services for disadvantaged children and their families. The two year project began in July, 2010. Philliber Research & Evaluation is tracking how the Partnership is enabling the participants to achieve successes they could not attain alone.

Other Past and Current Projets

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