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Tracking Impacts and Outcomes For a Better Future

We have worked together with public/private schools, afterschool programs, colleges and other programs that measure educational achievement outcomes.

Selected Projects

The Atlantic Philanthropies evaluation is a large-scale advocacy evaluation of the School Discipline Reform Initiative, composed of 51 grantees across the United States. The grant-making portfolio includes grassroots organizations, state-based legal advocacy groups, national social justice and education reform campaigns, and federal initiatives that span both the education and juvenile justice sectors. Tasks include policy and media scans, literature reviews, extensive grantee interviews, secondary data analysis, case studies, and synthesis of a diverse array of grantee documents. Goals of the project are to help the Foundation understand and articulate their impact, lessons learned, and ongoing needs in the field.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City annually serves more than 3,000 young people across the five boroughs matching youth between the ages of seven and seventeen with adult mentors. Expected outcomes include academic achievement, a positive mindset, and avoidance of risky behaviors. Philliber Research and Evaluation is tracking these outcomes in a sample of 500 program participants and a comparison group of 150 similar youth. In addition to working directly with youth, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City helps youth agencies strengthen their mentoring programs through technical assistance and professional development workshops. Philliber is documenting the impact of this assistance as well as outcomes for youth.

Children's Aid Society/Carrera Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs offer sex education, job club, academic assistance and other youth development interventions. Philliber conducted a random assignment evaluation in six New York City sites and six sites in other cities across the United States. Philliber continues to evaluate Carrera Model Programs supported through CAS's Adolescent Sexuality Training Center.

Children's Home + Aid in Chicago has been awarded a five year grant from the Office for Adolescent Health to replicate the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program in Chicago schools. The project is based on the Carrera model with a goal to help young girls and boys not only develop their sexual literacy but also to help them develop personal goals and a desire for a productive future. Philliber is evaluating the implementation and impacts of the program using a random assignment design.

The Harlem Children's Zone works to create significant, positive opportunities and outcomes for children living in a 24-block area of Central Harlem by helping parents, residents, teachers, and other key stakeholders create a safe learning environment for youth. The initiative, which began in 1997, supports children's intellectual, emotional, and physical growth from the time their parents are pregnant until the children enter college or the labor force. Philliber Research and Evaluation has evaluated some of the programs of the Harlem Children's Zone since its inception.

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) identifies promising low-income public high school students and works to develop their leadership and academic skills to enable them to obtain entrance into the nation’s top colleges.  Philliber Research and Evaluation is documenting the success of their efforts. Philliber created two databases to keep track of the Scholars and to help with Scholar recruitment. Philliber also produces reports on the outcomes of each Scholar cohort.

Parent Services Project trains ECE professionals to ensure that family support and family-centered care are guiding principles in programs that serve children and families. Philliber conducted formative evaluation of two early childhood education (ECE) courses. One course focused on training ECE professionals in issues surrounding providing optimum services to Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/ Transgender (LGBT) parents and their children. The other course, Stronger Together, prepares ECE professionals to fully incorporate family support principles in their work. The objective of these evaluations was to measure effectiveness and to provide feedback for curriculum improvement leading to national replication.

StriveTogether, a national organization promoting academic achievement through community partnerships in more than 90 communities has contracted with Philliber to:
-Prepare a document summarizing the available data on the relationships of noncognitive competencies to academic outcomes;
-Show the results of this research and the measures it uses across the Strive cradle to career continuum of academic progress benchmarks;
-Identify competencies that are the most malleable at each life stage of the Strive continuum, including interventions that have been shown to enhance those competencies; and
-Identify practical measures with good psychometric properties that might be used by the Strive communities.

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving After-School Initiative supported academic enrichment programs in five middle schools. Philliber surveyed students and tracked test scores on an annual basis.

The Kansas City Freedom School Initiative worked with Philliber to evaluate the impact of Freedom Schools on educational enrichment and cultural awareness, parental involvement, intergenerational leadership, community involvement, and social action. This evaluation included various program sites.

The New York City Student Success Collaborative is a new organization comprised of educational and nonprofit leaders across New York City. The goals of the organization are to, first, use research methods to gain insights into the types of programs that are producing student gains in social emotional competencies, and secondly, to examine which social emotional competencies are associated with students' academic success and, thirdly, make recommendations for "best practices" in the area of social emotional education. Philliber is helping execute these goals over a five-year period by assisting agencies in collecting longitudinal data from the young people they serve on these competencies and their relationships to academic achievement.

The State University of New York (SUNY) Ulster also known as Ulster County Community College (UCCC), serves over 11,000 credit and non-credit students each year with over 45 different courses/programs in a two-year institution. Philliber contacted over 3,500 former, current, and prospective students to assess the interest in potential new services: 1) accelerated on-campus and accelerated on-line courses (approximately five to eight weeks rather than the standard 15 weeks); 2) classes during “off-peak” times, specifically before 10:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m.; and 3) student housing on campus.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation/Brighter Futures Initiative Partnership Project is designed to demonstrate the value of simultaneously aligning state, municipal, and local service systems and enhancing the capacities of state government and a major urban center to strategically improve the quality of early childhood services for disadvantaged children and their families. The two year project began in July, 2010. Philliber Research and Evaluation tracked how the Partnership is enabled the participants to achieve successes they could not attain alone.

Other Past and Current Projets

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