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Employment Initiatives

Using Innovative Strategies to Evaluate Workforce Programs

We have worked together with agencies to develop evaluation systems and to gather, analyze, and report on its progress.

The Robin Hood Foundation tracks the progress of participants through various employment programs and into the labor market. Philliber Research & Evaluation evaluated all of the employment programs supported by the Robin Hood Foundation. These 39 programs included:
College of Staten Island trains Staten Island residents to be Certified Nurse Assistants and provides local placement assistance.
Ready, Willing, and Able is a project of the Doe Fund that provides training and employment assistance for homeless men and women.
Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow provides job training, basic skills, and case management for 100 adults and adolescents annually.
Project Renewal conducts a comprehensive service program for homeless and formerly homeless individuals including life skills building, hygiene, job readiness, and counseling support.
SelfHelp Community Services, Inc. trains Spanish-speaking immigrants to be home health aides.
The HOPE Program provides job readiness training, internships, literacy instruction, and case management for homeless persons and public assistance recipients.
The Resource Training Center trains former addicts to be substance abuse counselors.
YearUp provides technology training for adults 18-24 with a focus toward entry-level information technology positions and college enrollment.

The Long Beach Workforce Initiative was an interlocking network of employers, a local college, and local non-profit agencies working to connect low income, unemployed residents with family wage, career track jobs. Philliber Research & Evaluation provided an evaluation of the development of the collaborative and tracked the process and outcomes that were achieved.

Pacoima Workforce Development Initiative (Los Angeles Urban Funders) sought to create new jobs in Pacoima and to remove barriers to employment among Pacoima residents. Philliber worked with the Initiative to develop its evaluation system and to gather, analyze, and report on its progress.

Stepping Stones was a case management program in Kingston, New York, seeking to move difficult-to-employ people into jobs paying a living wage. Philliber provided an evaluation of the progress clients made and the outcomes that were achieved.

The State of Missouri's Caring Communities was a collaborative effort of seven state agencies, fourteen communities, and approximately a hundred schools seeking to bring change in the governance and financing of services for children and their families. Philliber Research & Evaluation worked with Caring Communities to monitor this result.

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