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We Work with Journalists & Programs Located Around the World

Our work with journalism programs is extensive. We have developed innovative ways to measure outcomes for a variety of journalism programs.

Selected Projects

Africa Development Journalism Fellowships seeks to improve the quality and free flow of news in Africa, particularly around health issues. Philliber has evaluated the fellowship program since 2009. The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is a non-profit, professional organization, promotes quality journalism worldwide in the belief that independent, vigorous media are crucial in improving the human condition.

Knight International Journalism Fellowships has placed more than 50 Fellows in 37 countries, since 2007. Administered by the International Center for Journalists, this program seeks tangible changes that improve the quality and free flow of news in the public interest around the world. International media professionals work in countries where there are opportunities to promote reliable, insightful journalism that holds officials accountable. Working with media partners, these Fellows seek to be catalysts in changing media output, strengthening media organizations, changing journalism practice, creating new networks, promoting digital innovation, building new institutions, producing products to assist journalists in their work, and even in provoking governmental responses to societal issues. Philliber trains all of the fellows as they go into the field in use of logic models and evaluation. Philliber has evaluated the work of these Fellows since 2008.

Lideres Digitales: Creating a New Generation of Spanish-Language Multimedia Trainers will train journalists for Spanish-language media across the United States in the latest digital trends to better reach and connect with their audiences. The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) will then train the best of those journalists to become digital trainers themselves, spreading digital skills throughout Spanish-language media. Philliber will evaluate the process and develop reports on the outcomes of the project.

Professionalism, Pride, and Press Freedom: A Holistic Program to Strengthen Media Workers in Gambia will meld training in journalistic skills, ethics, and management with the array of possibilities offered to media through the use of digital tools.

The Regional Initiative for Investigative Journalism in the Americas is a four year program co-sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights (DRL) to support a new initiative focused on promoting and strengthening transparency, security and freedom of expression in the media. The program aims to strengthen the capacity of investigative journalists in eight countries of destination, Ecuador , El Salvador , Guatemala , Honduras , Mexico , Nicaragua , Panama and Paraguay where the media and journalists face serious threats to freedom of speech and press. Philliber is evaluating the process and outcomes of the project. We develop bi-lingual surveys, interview journalists, and maintain records of the amount and the quality of articles written by journalists.

Religion Reporters improves the coverage of Islam in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The project's key activities will include three on-line courses, on-line mentoring for journalists, the creation of new modules to train journalists to use ARDA's  (the Association of Religion Data Archives) data, recruiting members for a new association of religion reporters, the creation of a website for the new association in both Arabic and English, and a conference to train members of this new group.

Reporting Climate Change Adaptation in Africa operates in five African nations and works to build the capacity of African media workers vis-à-vis reporting climate change adaptation in Africa. Philliber is assisting with a two-year evaluation of the program.

Strengthening the Truth Tellers will equip media workers in Senegal with human and material resources to enable them to respond with greater effectiveness to repressive and punitive media laws. The objectives are to enhance the skills of journalists and editors, build a cadre of credible bloggers, increase communication among all of these Senegalese media professionals, strengthen the associations that represent them, and work to protect their rights.

Sustaining the Revolutionary Fire is a multiphase 20-month program of media training and professional development for independent Egyptian media organizations and professional and citizen journalists to capitalize on gains made during the post-revolutionary period of media liberalization. The evaluation by Philliber involves analysis of pre- and post-training surveys, monitoring engagement of media outlets and analysis of reporting by trained citizen and professional journalists.

U.S. – Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism will host 120 Pakistani media professionals in a program that provides professional and ethical approaches to journalism designed to help Pakistani colleagues practice their craft at a higher level of professionalism and to equip them with resources as they continue their development after formal training. Following an orientation and training, English speaking Pakistani journalists will receive three-week internships in media organizations in the US. Through these internships they will gain insights into the working lives of their American colleagues, in particular the challenges that U.S. media professionals face today. Additionally, thirty media professionals from the United States will travel to Pakistan for two weeks to learn about the realities of journalism in Pakistan.  The Pakistani and American journalist will have opportunities to report on their experiences in the other’s country, which will help to educate their audiences and dispel myths and misperceptions that people carry in each country about residents of the other. Philliber is documenting the outcomes of this program.

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