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Data Analyst

Juan Weissenberg, MBA
Operations & Development
Data Analyst
Contact: 845-626-2126
Fax: 845-626-3206

Juan Weissenberg joined Philliber Research & Evaluation in 2011. He has a bachelors degree from Barry University in Business Management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from SUNY New Paltz. Juan grew up in Miami and spent time as a professional golfer before joining Philliber. Juan is in charge of operations & development for Philliber which includes managing the website, dissemination of articles and publications, identifying trends in the field, internal business analyses, and cultivating relationships.

Juan provides a variety of services for clients as a data analyst including: data cleaning and analysis, data collection, report writing, and database creation. He has knowledge of various computer and statistical programs including SPSS, STATA and Excel. Juan is fluent in Spanish and handles all translations into Spanish for Philliber. He has developed several complex databases in excel and google sheets to help clients keep track of their data and visualize their results. He has been involved in the evaluation of several teen pregnancy programs, health programs, education programs and journalism programs. He is familiar with big data, having worked on two projects involving large electronic medical records in Maine and Texas.


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