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Program evaluation for non profits, foundations, and governmnet entities.
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Evaluation Design

Identifying Desired Outcomes and Developing Ways to Measure Them

We create a team of evaluators to meet the specific needs of each project. Our staff can collect data, develop online surveys, and handle paper data entry if needed.

Our Approach is:
-Collaborative, working closely with program staff
-Outcome-based, producing data for reports and directions for the future
-Flexible, allowing for changes as we work together on the evaluation
-Timely and useful, providing reports  and data for organizational management
-Accurate and scientifically strong, providing reliable results

Building Evaluation Capacity
Our goal is not only to help identify and measure outcomes, but also to build a culture of evaluation. We believe that programs can learn to interpret and use data effectively. To accomplish this goal, many of our evaluations include databases tailored to the project's goals. In addition, we develop systems of data collection that minimize the disruption of the day-to-day operations of the program.

Philliber Research & Evaluation
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About us:
We are an independent evaluation company founded in 1987, committed to providing high quality evaluations.
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