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Senior Associate

Randi Burlew, PhD

Senior Associate


Dr. Randi Burlew received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Michigan and is also a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of North Carolina. Dr. Burlew currently works out of Washington, D.C. and leads projects related to education/academic achievement, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, and youth development.

During her time at Philliber, Dr. Burlew has conducted several multi-site evaluations, as well as neighborhood studies. In addition, she has evaluated a wide range of school and social service based programs. Among her recent projects are the evaluation of the Grow Your Own Illinois initiative for the Illinois State Board of Education, the interventions that comprised the Pathways to Success Initiative at Bluffton high school, and many of the individual programs that make up the Harlem Children's Zone, including Harlem Gems (a school-based kindergarten evaluation), Peacemakers (an elementary school-based intervention), and TRUCE (an after-school intervention).  

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