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Evaluation - The Juvenile Crime Prevention Demonstration Project (JCPDP)

The Juvenile Crime Prevention Demonstration Project (JCPDP) was a five-year effort to reduce juvenile crime and delinquency. Funded by the California Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, the 12-site initiative implemented five proven effective strategies. Philliber designed and successfully implemented a process and outcome evaluation. In the five years of the program, Philliber maintained a database, designed and administered self-report forms for program participants and their families, conducted regular site visits that included staff and participant interviews, as well as focus groups with relevant stakeholders. Philliber also trained and supervised unaffiliated community residents as they conducted a door-to-door survey assessing community opinions and attitudes toward juvenile crime and related factors. The survey was an integral part of community mobilization. We produced and delivered quarterly and annual reports that tracked program and individual progress over the five-year grant period.

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