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Evaluation - ICFJ: U.S. – Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism

Journalism Evaluation Photo
Senior Associate Sally Brown (far right) working in Pakistan
U.S. – Pakistan Professional Partnership in Journalism hosted 120 Pakistani media professionals in a program that provides professional and ethical approaches to journalism designed to help Pakistani colleagues practice their craft at a higher level of professionalism and to equip them with resources as they continue their development after formal training. Following an orientation and training, English speaking Pakistani journalists will receive three-week internships in media organizations in the US. Through these internships they will gain insights into the working lives of their American colleagues, in particular the challenges that U.S. media professionals face today. Additionally, thirty media professionals from the United States will travel to Pakistan for two weeks to learn about the realities of journalism in Pakistan.  The Pakistani and American journalist will have opportunities to report on their experiences in the other’s country, which will help to educate their audiences and dispel myths and misperceptions that people carry in each country about residents of the other.  Philliber documented the outcomes of this program.

International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) a non-profit, professional organization, promotes quality journalism worldwide in the belief that independent, vigorous media are crucial in improving the human condition.


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