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Evaluation - Westchester Community Foundation

Westchester Community Foundation awarded five grants to promote capacity building in community-based sites across Westchester. Each of these sites offers different programs to the community.

  • CLUSTER Community Services provides the community with youth and family programs, mental health residential services, mediation centers, and a housing resource center.

  • The Mount Vernon Family YMCA provides the community with youth and adult programming, child care, after-school programs, pool and gym facilities, and overnight shelter for the homeless.

  • Nepperhan Community Center offers programs for youth including academic enrichment, sports, cultural arts, and workshops focusing on self- esteem enhancement, self-confidence, conflict resolution, and team building.

  • The YMCA of Yonkers offers housing, adult and youth recreation, and educational activities.  

  • The YWCA of Yonkers provides women in the community with housing, job training, health and physical education, community activism, and social and recreational activities.  


Westchester community foundation hired Philliber to conduct their evaluations.
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