Database Creation

We can lead you in creating databases.

We often develop databases to be used internally by our clients. Many programs cannot afford large and expensive databases to track program outcomes and progress indicators. Using software which most agencies already have, we create databases that are easy to use, visually friendly, and affordable. Each database is customized to meet the client’s needs. These range from a simple data entry form to a more in-depth database with automated calculations and reporting features. Once the database is created, we provide each client with the tools and training to effectively manage their database. These databases can store data and provide real time updates. Programs use the databases to store attendance, surveys, and other outcomes. For detailed analysis and evaluation purposes, some programs have the database downloaded to an evaluator annually. This provides the program with data that they can manage on an everyday basis but would position them to work with an outside, independent evaluator to produce more comprehensive annual reports.

A few select recent or key projects involving database creations include:

Boys & Girls Harbor Capacity Building, Boys & Girls Harbor

Boys & Girls Harbor in Harlem, NY provides three educational programs to nearly 1,000 youth from low socio-economic backgrounds each year. These youth range in age from pre-K through high school. Philliber conducted a capacity building project involving the creation of program logic models, success metrics, and a customized online database and dashboard to summarize key indicators in real time and allow staff to see results by individual, subgroup, or program.

Career Connections, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

The Career Connections Program was a scholarship and coaching program for opportunity youth at Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, CT. The program was designed to connect young adults to short-term certificate programs that would help them enter high-demand jobs in the local healthcare sector. The evaluation was both an implementation and outcomes evaluation that incorporated a Philliber-designed data collection and dashboard system to monitor outcomes of the program, as well as stakeholder interviews.

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) identifies promising low-income public high school students and works to develop their leadership and academic skills to enable them to obtain entrance into the nation’s top colleges. Philliber is documenting the success of their efforts. Philliber created two databases to keep track of the Scholars and to help with Scholar recruitment. Philliber also produces reports on the outcomes of each Scholar cohort.

The Partnership for the Homeless, The O’Neill Foundation

The Partnership for the Homeless in New York City created its Education Rights Project to serve the educational needs of children in homeless and near-homeless families. These families received intensive case management services and group interventions designed to help them become learning supports for their children and develop advocacy skills to work with their children’s schools. School staff received training to understand and thus better serve, homeless children in their classrooms. Philliber provided assistance to finalize a logic model for the program and to create a data collection system and instruments to support the program’s evaluation.

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