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We have a strong commitment to working collaboratively with our clients. We do not impose evaluations. We suggest alternatives and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Evaluations must ultimately serve your needs while meeting the criteria of funders. We embrace the same goal as our clients—to create the most successful programs possible. Our job in reaching that goal is not to provide services directly but to provide information to guide and improve those services. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that all evaluation strategies, activities, and instruments are rigorous, meet the needs of the evaluation, and are also user-friendly.

Our philosophy and approach is based upon our belief that evaluations are made stronger through the collaborative involvement of all stakeholders. Our expertise and values entail working closely with program staff and funding agencies, quickly developing positive relationships, articulating common purposes, leading friendly and productive meetings, and keeping people motivated and on-track through all phases of an evaluation project.


We have a strong belief in the importance of ongoing communication. Our staff will be readily available and will answer emails and phone calls quickly and efficiently. We strive for constant and excellent communication. We have a long history of working in close partnerships with our funders and many of these partnerships lead to future programs and evaluations, as well as joint publications. As many of our clients have worked with us for five years or more, we believe we excel at these tasks and promote a supportive environment through communication and close collaboration.

We provide frequent feedback about what we are learning—a smoke detector rather than an autopsy, if you will. This provides programs with an opportunity to make improvements.

Diversity and inclusion

Using our participatory model of evaluation, we are purposeful at designing evaluations that respect the diverse experiences and cultures of the people being served. We strive to select evaluation tools that have been tested on diverse populations. We routinely translate all forms into Spanish in-house and have the commitment to translate into other languages as necessary. Philliber has conducted many projects specifically focused on cultural competence.

Philliber has a long history of working with different groups with diverse needs and vulnerable populations, such as members of the Latino/Hispanic community, LGBTQ youth, HIV patients, or low or no income individuals. We are aware that different cultures and groups may have different needs when it comes to evaluations. Philliber combines a subject-area understanding obtained from our evaluations conducted over the years.

We are very respectful of those in underserved communities who seek the services of the programs that we evaluate. Our portfolio includes evaluations of programs for homeless individuals and families, for the unemployed, for those involved in the child welfare system, for those in the mental health system, and for those who are involved in the judicial system. In addition, with a multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff, as well as experience working in diverse communities throughout the country and abroad, Philliber is responsive to varied cultural and linguistic needs. We are mindful to develop evaluation tools and procedures that are respectful of individuals that might have limited literacy levels or those who struggle with mental health issues.

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