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We believe that evaluations should be as simple as possible while providing information to direct the work and assess its achievements. Philliber must do all it can to support and carry out the evaluation so that program staff can attend to program delivery.

Part of the utility of an evaluation lies in its clarity. We often analyze data using advanced statistical techniques, for example, but strive to write our results so that those who lack advanced statistical training can understand and learn from our reports.

On time

An evaluation that is on time is not just one that hits the deadline; on time evaluation also means that evaluation findings reach you in time to be useful. Evaluation should overlap with program design and planning, but feedback must be timely to do this. We speak with our clients frequently, and develop tools for our clients to capture and report data on a rapid-cycle basis.


A useful evaluation is one that meets the needs of organizational stakeholders. As consultants, we are often the catalysts or mediators that allow organizational staff to have meaningful conversations regarding what would be truly useful for their programs and organization as a whole.


An accurate evaluation is one that properly understands, measures, and interprets activities and outcomes. We are familiar with several different evaluation methodologies and analysis techniques and continually supplement our knowledge through professional development opportunities.

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