Scott Herrling, MS

Senior Research Associate

Scott joined Philliber in October 1993 and has over 25 years of evaluation and research experience. He has a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision from the State University of New York, The College at New Paltz. His experience at Philliber includes evaluation of projects in journalism, youth development, teen pregnancy, school achievement, seniors, adults with disabilities, and other areas of human service delivery. His responsibilities include the day-to-day management of entire portfolios of human service programs, managing and overseeing data analyst staff, creating program models, designing data systems, analyzing and cleaning data, conducting follow-up, creating reports and presenting data, conducting interviews, training interviewers, managing field site data collection efforts, traveling, and establishing and maintaining long-lasting rapports with clients.


Association to Benefit Children is a 21st Century Community Learning Center program serving approximately 75 youth in K through 8th grade annually in East Harlem. Philliber serves as the local evaluator for this program by conducting staff and youth interviews, attending advisory board meetings, and measuring outcomes of attending youth pertaining to reading and math assessments, report cards, and social/emotional competencies. This five-year evaluation began in 2017. 

Avenues For Justice is a non-profit community-based program in New York City focusing on youthful offenders and at-risk youth from the Lower East Side and East Harlem. Their main goal is to keep recidivism as low as possible. Philliber has been managing their data and providing annual summaries of their work since 1994.

Cicatelli Associates, Inc. was awarded a five-year grant from the Office of Adolescent Health to oversee the implementation of a new, untested teen pregnancy prevention program involving more than 700 adolescent foster care males in eight foster care agencies in New York City. Philliber has been evaluating this randomized control trial since 2015.

Bloomingdale Family Program is a nationally recognized educational program for young children from low-income families in upper Manhattan. Its homework help program has been serving special needs youth in grades K through three since 2008. Each year, Philliber provides a full profile report of youth served, identifies challenges, services received, provides recommended steps, and provides a summary of parental feedback.  

Legal Outreach is an early-intervention college prep organization committed to expanding educational opportunities for students from underserved communities in New York City. Their College Bound program serves youth who have been historically underserved in the educational arena. Program outcomes show impressive rates of high school graduation and college enrollment. Philliber has been evaluating this program annually for nearly two decades.

Children’s Home and Aid in Chicago was awarded a five-year grant from the Office for Adolescent Health to replicate the CAS-Carrera program in four Chicago schools. Philliber evaluated the implementation and outcomes of the program using an randomized control trial design.

ECHO (Educate Children for Healthy Outcomes) is a project of the Academy for Adolescent Health Teen Outreach program supported by the Washington Health System of Washington, Pennsylvania.  The goal of the project is to promote academic success and high school completion with the belief that education and mentoring supports families and youth in achieving positive outcomes. This is a randomized controlled trial involving 40 eighth grade youth. Philliber has been evaluating this five-year program annually using academic indicators (GPAs) and the Piers-Harris Children’s Self-Concept Scale since 2016.

The Harlem Children’s Zone Baby College program serves parents and expecting parents of youth ages three and under. This nine-week series of workshops for parents covers the specific stages of child development the child is experiencing and what to expect.  To date, Philliber has tracked 85 cohorts of attending Baby College participants to document changes in knowledge.

Children’s Aid Society was awarded a five-year grant from the Office of Adolescent Health to replicate evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs to scale in the Bronx, NY.  Philliber has been evaluating the quality of the implementation of these programs since 2015.

The International Center For Journalists hosts the Investigative Reporting Initiative in the Americas program which supports investigative journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean to report on vital issues of crime and corruption that endanger citizens and waste public funds. Participating journalists attend workshops, online schools, and online forums to gain knowledge regarding investigative reporting techniques.

Lowenstein House provides an ongoing, year-round comprehensive psychosocial rehabilitation program in Memphis which assists members with a variety of issues related to life functioning.  Some of the goals of the program include increasing clients’ self-esteem, reducing hospitalizations, preventing homelessness, and developing job skills.  Philliber has been providing an annual summary of outcomes to the program since 2004.

Harlem Children’s Zone oversees an AmeriCorps/Peacemaker reading/literacy program which serves over 150 K through 5th graders in seven NYC public schools. Philliber conducted an annual evaluation of this program.

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