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We provide both basic and advanced workshops. Our available courses range from a single hour to months of group and individualized assistance. Our staff take pride in presenting technical topics in an accessible and even enjoyable way to those without methodological or statistical training. Examples of training include: creating successful proposals, creating and using logic models, data analysis, data collection, evaluation design, measurement, and program planning. We also provide training on what works in: teen pregnancy prevention, evaluating teens, conducting evaluation with LGBTQ individuals, and neighborhood assessments.

Philliber often trains groups in self-evaluation. Our goal is not only to help identify and measure outcomes, but also to build a culture of evaluation. We believe that programs can learn to interpret and use data effectively. To accomplish this goal, many of our evaluations include databases tailored to the project’s goals. In addition, we develop systems of data collection that minimize the disruption of the day-to-day operations of the program.

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