Child Abuse & Welfare

We have evaluated over 20 child abuse and child welfare programs.

We have conducted evaluations for Agape Child & Family Services, Contra Costa Adoptions, FamiliesFirst, many family resource centers, the Foundation Consortium, KidsHealth, the State of Missouri, many programs for the San Francisco Department of Human Services, Sunny Hills Children’s Garden, and United Way among others.

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A few select recent or key child welfare projects include:

Harlem Children’s Zone – Baby College and The Renaissance University for Community Education

To address the needs of children three-years-old and younger, the Harlem Children’s Zone created the Baby College. The Baby College is a nine-week series of workshops for parents. Parents are taught the specific stages of child development their child is experiencing and what to expect. Outreach workers organize monthly get-togethers for parents who have completed the program to help them form relationships with other parents. Philliber tracks each cohort attending Baby College to document changes in knowledge.

The Renaissance University for Community Education (TRUCE) is the comprehensive youth development component of the Harlem Children’s Zone. TRUCE promotes academic growth and career readiness through programs focused on the arts, media literacy, health, and multimedia technology. Philliber has maintained an ongoing evaluation of the achievements of this program since its inception.

Leaders For Change Program, Parent Services Project funded by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention

Parent Service Project’s Family Leadership Institute offered workshops to train parents in early childhood centers and schools. The workshops taught parents about the five Protective Factors, affirm the Factors in their lives, spread knowledge to other families in their community, and increase families’ leadership in multiple arenas. Workshops were held in 20 counties across California reaching over 1,000 parents. Philliber evaluated the outcomes of these trainings.

Foster Family-Based Treatment Association

Philliber analyzed data and produced outcome reports for 45 agencies nationally who provide treatment foster care.

Memphis Child Advocacy Center

Memphis Child Advocacy Center is a private, non-profit agency that provides community education as well as prevention, intervention, and counseling services to sexually abused children and their families. Philliber worked with the agency to evaluate the effectiveness of their educational programs as well as the overall impact of counseling services on children’s emotional and behavioral adjustment and recovery after the experience of sexual abuse. In prior years Philliber also worked with the agency to build leadership and collaborative capacity.

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