Family Support

We have evaluated over 35 family support programs

Philliber has conducted multiple evaluations of programs for the Marin Community Foundation, the Parent Services Project, and the San Francisco Department of Human Services. In addition to this work, we have also conducted evaluations for a large number of family support programs such as Agape Child & Family Services, Child Abuse Prevention Center of New York, the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the Dibble Institute, the Foundation Consortium, the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, KidsHealth 2020, the Memphis Child Advocacy Center, and United Way.

A few select recent or key family support projects include:

Family Economic Security Program at Housatonic Community College, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

The goal of the Family Economic Security Program (FESP) at Housatonic Community College (HCC) is to help adults with families acquire the education and skills needed to acquire and maintain family-sustaining employment. FESP provides students with scholarships, emergency funds, financial and achievement and coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring to help them persist and graduate. The evaluation includes both implementation and outcomes evaluations. Key outcomes are employment and/or transfer to a four-year college; improved credit scores, family budgets, and emergency funds; and reduced debt levels. The program aims to institutionalize best practices throughout HCC.

Family Leadership Institute, Parent Services Project/The Office of Child Abuse Prevention

PSP’s Family Leadership Institute offered workshops to train parents in early childhood centers and schools. The workshops taught parents about the five Protective Factors, affirm the Factors in their lives, spread knowledge to other families in their community, and increase families’ leadership in multiple arenas. Workshops were held in 20 counties across California reaching over 1,000 parents. Philliber evaluated the outcomes of these trainings. This program was funded by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention.

Linking Families and Teens, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands/Office of Population Affairs (formerly the Office of Adolescent Health)

Linking Families and Teens (LiFT) is an innovative program designed by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands for families in rural communities, with the goal of reducing unplanned teen pregnancies by increasing family connectedness and increasing youth’s self-efficacy, knowledge, and skills related to sexual health. LiFT is a two-module curriculum workshop delivered in five hours for youth and their parenting adults. Youth and parenting adults also receive participant guides that encourage communication between them as well as optional weekly texts that offer additional resources and suggestions for fun ways families can communicate for 12 weeks after the workshop. Parenting adults receive a phone call from the facilitator 3 to 5 weeks after the workshop to reinforce the skills learned during the program. Philliber is conducting a random controlled study to measure the impact of this program.

Marin Child Care Outcomes Project, Marin Community Foundation

The Marin Child Care Outcomes Project of the Marin Community Foundation supports seven child care centers that provide child care and parent supportive services to low income parents in Marin County. Philliber conducted a formative and outcome evaluation of the project. Seven dimensions of family functioning grouped into three domains (parenting skills, social support network, and adult development) were assessed at enrollment and again at annual intervals. Four dimensions of child development were assessed at the same time. Annual parent surveys were conducted to get parent feedback on quality of services, their perception of the benefit of services for school readiness, and the parents’ own self-development. Additionally, Philliber developed and piloted a self-assessment tool for center administrators and staff to measure the extent and quality of parent support services that were delivered.

United Way for Southeastern Michigan

The United Way of South Eastern Michigan received a Social Innovation Fund grant to provide fragile families in the Detroit metro area with enhanced access to social services through the Family Checkup Model. Philliber is conducting a randomized controlled trial to document the impact of the Family Checkup Model on families and children.

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