We Conduct Analyses

We Conduct Analyses

We believe both qualitative and quantitative data have their places in evaluation—different tools to answer different questions and speak to different audiences.

We are skilled statisticians and have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative techniques and typically integrate both into our program evaluations. We are competent with technology and with manipulating large data sets. Our procedures always include thorough data cleaning before analysis. Philliber employs master’s level Data Analysts with advanced training in statistics and multivariate analyses.

Virtually every evaluation gathers some type of qualitative data collected through interviews, focus groups, and open-ended survey responses. Depending on the amount of qualitative data gathered and the project budget, Philliber either enters qualitative data into Excel for coding or into a qualitative data software program. Qualitative data are always analyzed for emergent themes. If the budget allows, Philliber will assign multiple reviewers to code qualitative data in order to assure inter-rater reliability. This process was used to analyze focus group responses from incarcerated youth that participated in the Shakespeare in American Communities program.

All quantitative data are entered by our team of Support Staff into Excel and then analyzed utilizing Stata data analysis and statistical software. Data cleaning is an ongoing process which always includes using random double entry tests, outlier code checks, and logic checks.

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