We Don’t Leave You Empty-Handed

We Don’t Leave You Empty-Handed


Philliber works to ensure that your organization has not only the information they need, but a direction forward. Each of our projects ends with recommendations of where to go from here.

Dissemination and publishing

Our studies are often published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national conferences. As Philliber is a private organization, we are not required to publish results, as some university-affiliated groups may be. Therefore, while it is preferable to publish, all possible publishing opportunities will be approved by you prior to their pursuit.


Philliber has experience in writing and presenting evaluation results to a wide range of audiences, including those who lack advanced statistical training. We also have experience in conducting presentations and training, both prior to an evaluation and once the results are found. The audiences for these presentations and trainings have included youth, health care providers, program facilitators, funders, community groups, parents, and a wide range of national organizations and conferences.

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