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Proposal and grant writing

Philliber has a long history of working with organizations from the proposal stages through reporting. Often this requires us to work directly with grant-making organizations and foundations. We have experience writing proposals for such organizations, measuring outcomes for their grantees, and focusing reporting on outcome measures as needed. We also have experience working directly with a large amount of grant-making organizations and foundations, giving us both experience in what they expect and what they like to fund.

Program planning and design

Many programs involve an evaluation team early in the planning phase. For a new program or initiative, it is important to define what will be measured and how before the program begins. Our team has experience working with these new programs to design a successful evaluation. Our strategy includes developing a logic model, reviewing previously successful programs, building evaluation procedures, and creating reports.

Evaluation planning and design

An evaluation plan should be developed that addresses what questions are going to be answered by the evaluation and how well the data provide answers to those questions. Our goal is not only to help identify and measure outcomes, but also to build a culture of evaluation. We believe that programs can learn to interpret and use data effectively. To accomplish this goal, many of our evaluations include databases tailored to the project’s goals. In addition, we develop systems of data collection that minimize the disruption of the day-to-day operations of the program. Your participation is absolutely essential. We can show what can be done, but you have to acknowledge that is what is needed.

Logic model development

To decide on which strategies may work best, Philliber assists with drafting goals, often through the creation of logic models. We may begin by discussing existing theories of change and measurement instruments to ensure that (a) the program has measurable outcomes, and (b) these outcomes have a direct relationship to program activities. A typical approach to evaluating a new program is to develop a logic model that includes factors that describe the program implementation and are hypothesized to contribute to its short- and long-term impacts. This logic model contains information about the context of the program and the services provided. Pathways of influence can be determined quantitatively from this model, usually by using some form of correlational analysis, or qualitatively, by synthesizing information across a variety of sources.

Instrument design

Staff at Philliber have a wealth of experience in instrument design and development. These instruments are first based on available measures that have been found to be valid and reliable. This includes developing questions for specific groups, as well as conducting a qualitative analysis and finding thematic commonalities.

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